Lebert Fitness Equalizer Course

What area of fitness is the CPD in and how does it develop an exercise professional in their role in the fitness industry?

To master the body-weight training, prepares people to move safety, correct and improve movement mechanics. We facilitate solutions to the trainers to coach properly clients in thebeginning stage, we provide funny and dynamic workouts ideas when the trainers do not have equipment through the Equalizers.

What are the aims or learning outcomes of the CPD?

To learn proper progressions and regressions for teaching integrated movement patterns.

1   Techniques to develop and implement movement-based exercise programs through the equalizers to promote movement efficiency.
2   Combining old-school strength moves with functional, multi-planar sequences to elevate everyone’s Fitness Levels.

What quality assurance processes are in place in relation to the CPD?

All Lebert Fitness® CEC courses have been reviewed and proudly accredited by The Ontario Fitness Council, canfitpro, The American Council on Exercise (ACE) and “Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)”.

Course Description:

1   Introduction to Body Weight Movements and Functional Training: 15 minutes Circle Warm Up. Practical 15 minutes
2   Agility Patterns: 30 minutes
3   Upper Body Training: 1 hour, includes regressions and progressions.
4   Lower Body Training: 1 hour, includes regressions and progressions.
5   Core and Flexibility 1 Hour, includes regressions and progressions.
5   Starting 8AM until 12PM on 25th November at Dubai International Marina Club


1   Cost: 1,000 AED including LF Equalizer.
2   Cost: 600 AED without LF Equalizer.
3   Daily Pass Included
4   Download Registration Form fill it and email to info@sweatgroup.ae