Sadik Hadzovic

Who is Sadik Hadzovic: Fitness Personality and four time world physique champion. Sadik’s inspiration, drive and work ethic is product of his no-nonsense upbringing. Weight training was quickly picked up at an early age and has stuck with him his entire life. He has been published on the cover of countless fitness magazines, featured on national television and even won Arnold Schwarzenegger’s coveted Arnold Classic title.

His Goal: To help impact and empower others to realize the importance of exercising and adopting a healthy lifestyle. By inspiring others to do so these actions will bread energy and courage and help them meet with success the more difficult tasks of life which will ultimately result in true contentment and enjoyment of life.

Competitive Career:

2nd Place NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix 2011
3rd Place NPC Eastern USA’s 2011

1st Place & Overall winner NPC Metropolitan NY 2012

2nd Place NPC Jr USA’s 2012

1st Place & Overall winner NPC Jr. Nationals 2012

2nd Place IFBB Greater Gulf States 2012
2nd Place IFBB Orange County Pro 2012

1st Place IFBB Valenti Gold Cup 2012

4th Place IFBB Houston Pro 2012
2nd Place IFBB Europa Show of Champions 2013

4th Place IFBB Pittsburgh Pro 2013

1st Place IFBB New York Pro 2013
4th Place Mr. Olympia 2013

2nd Place IFBB New York Pro 2014

1st Place IFBB Tampa Pro 2014
2nd Place Mr. Oylmpia 2014

1st Place Arnold Classic 2015

2nd Place Mr. Olympia 2015


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