Q and A with Tom Brazier


1   Carb/Fat/Macro cycling, how and when to Implement
2   Cardio… is it needed? if so how much? and what method is best?
3   How best to structure peak week (the do’s and don’t)

About Tom Brazier

With over 12 years and 25,000 hours of one to one training experience,
Tom has earned his title of being one of the top Trainers in the UK.

He has worked with many difference people from all walks of life and continues to provide
a premium, bespoke, results based service for all of his clients.

Total Body Conditioning is a specialist personal training company that offers its clients real, measurable and visible results!

Set up and operated by one of the best physique coaches in the Industry, Tom Brazier.

Results speak for themselves and over the past 10years, these results have given us the reputation as one of the leading body transformation specialists in the Industry.

Specialities include

1   Fat Loss & Body Composition
2   Muscle Gain
3   Strength & Conditioning
4   Nutritional Programming