Nyma Peracha

Who I am?

I am a British born and raised female who has been in Dubai for the past 8 years. My family heritage is 3/4 Pakistani and a 1/4 Thai. Growing up I was always passionate about health and fitness . Four years ago I became a certified free lance Personal Trainer in Dubai and decided to take my passion to the next level.Since then my clientele database has grown tremendously and now I am working on making my vision a fitness movement in the Middle East region. Currently my clients and people within the region know me as “Nyma Personal Trainer”. However in order to expand my aspiration to share my passion for a fit & healthy lifestyle I have created a brand name which I am confident people will be avid followers of.

I have both an Instagram account and Facebook page which are currently under the name “Nyma Personal Trainer’. The accounts are both fairly new, my instagram one particular. Over the past month I have seen my insta account grow rapidly. Once my ecommerce website is up and running all my social media will also fall under the same name “BE MORE”

My Platform;
Platform Name: BE MORE Fitness
Platform Ethos: BE MORE, be Fit, be U. “Be the best version of yourself”

What We offer:

* Personal Training home services to clients.
*Online eCommerce store selling Active wear as of now and then hoping to grow that over the coming months/years and expand it to workout supplements and fitness equipment for home users.
*Online coaching to clients based in the Middle East and Asia region.

As mentioned above my website is currently under construction and my web team have given me a timeline of 1 month for the completion of the website, well in time for the EXPO.

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