Maira Lorena

The strong passion to Fitness and to the art of Performance is Maira Lorena who is born in El Salvador (Central America) and raised in Sydney Australia. She is a strong believer in putting goals into actions.
Maira has been challenging women in DUBAI since 2012 by conducting different Zumba® & Fitness classes, and Zumba® Challenges. We launched “14 Day Zumba Challenge” in 2013 and successfully have been running these challenges annually.
One of Maira’s biggest goals was to be a Fitness Competitor. In 2015 Maira competed in “INBA Middle East World Championships” held in Dubai, where she reached the level of fitness that she had never been before and also Universal Muscle & Fitness Fashion where she placed 1st in Sport Model and 2nd in Open Bikini Class.
2016 was her third competition in France – “Grand Prix Des Pyreenees”
Where she challenged herself to a new division with her coach – “Couple Division” where they placed third.
Maira is the first Ambassador in the UAE for GreenteaX50. Where she educates the community about healthy lifestyle. Everything she does as a competitor, performer, trainer and ambassador encompasses these values which is why GreenteaX50 chose her to represent their brand. You can find Maira at all sorts of events from Fitness Festivals to Food Festivals, social media and various business outlets providing education and information about all the things that she does to maintain a healthy body and most importantly a healthy mind.
Maira is here to motivate, inspire, and educate others about the benefits of making health a priority and living a balanced healthy lifestyle. With patience and persistence, anyone can achieve realistic goals, including high self-esteem, confidence, and the body you desire.

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