Neogenix IS BEING DEMANDED BY THE PEOPLE IN DUBAI using the demand feature available from the Worlds Largest Expo.
What people who are coming to the Expo in Dubai are looking for from Neogenix :

  1. Neogenix Bodyforge Ultra, 30 Servings
  2. Neogenix Bodyforge Ultra, 30 Servings
  3. Interested in joint venture or distribution

There are one thousand, seven hundred and thirty-nine people who are demanding Neogenix to show up in Dubai. Once the number of people Wishing to interact with Neogenix reaches at least 100, we will reach out to the company and see if they would be interested in participating in the Worlds Largest Fitness Expo in Dubai to meet the fans who are looking forward to face to face interaction.

Interested in Joint Venture or Distribution Deal With Neogenix

385 people are interested in joint venture or distribution deal with Neogenix. Once we reach out and get a participation confirmation from Neogenix, meeting with the people interested in doing business with Neogenix will be arranged.
If you want to Demand Neogenix to come to Dubai or if you want to do some sort of business with them - please use the form below and we will try our best to make it happen.

Decision Makers At Neogenix :click here

If you are one of the decision makers at Neogenix and would like to participate in the Worlds Largest Fitness Expo in Dubai, Please click here to let us know. Expo will take place November 24, 25, 26, 2016.The expo "Deal Making Team" can help get Neogenix products approved for Dubai.