Free FORMBoard : Freedom to Move

What’s the one thing we do in so many sports and activities that we’ve never been able to replicate in the gym?
It is having the ability to move freely and continuously from any body position to any other body position without restriction.

The freeFORM Board allows supported body weight exercises that have never before been possible; it allows you to condition every major muscle/joint complex in the body through a full range of motion, in every direction, and through every angle and plane of motion. In doing so, freeFORM exercises provide you to develop functional core strength, mobility, control, balance, flexibility, agility and endurance more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

The freeFORM modality replicates movements from an endless array of other disciplines including Pilates reformers, Pilates chairs, stability balls, suspension systems, rotation disks and more.For more information you can visit and Instagram