Evolutionary Workout by Julie Rammal

Evolutionary Movement

Get younger, firmer, slimmer with celebrity trainer Julie Rammal, creator of the world’s first holistic fitness DVD: In Light Of Change, listed in National Examiner Week October 2016, TV & News, Radio, Press and more. Julie, Owner of J Sport www.jsport.co, Ms. Virginia Swimsuit 96′, International Writer & Healer, and trainer to Royal family and celebrities worldwide shares her celebrity secret workout to change your life. The choreography and exercises will work you till you sweat while opening up chakras, meridian points, and break physical blockages. This amazing workout combines the best of Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Primal Movement, Dance, and Re-connecting back to ourselves.

Evolutionary Movement Workshop

In this century most of us have lost complete connection to ourselves and continue to dis-connect more with artificial surroundings, toxic food, technology and more. This workshop will teach you what your body, mind and soul need to survive the future. This evolutionary workshop shares the inside secrets of secret exercises to change your life and re-connect you back to you. You will learn holistic exercises and sequences to detox, tone, remove physical blockages, open your chakras and meridian points in order to allow you to reach your goals while looking younger, firmer and slimmer naturally. A full Holistic Training Certification are available on: http://www.jsport.co/Services

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