Essa Al Ansari

I am Essa Ahmed Redha Al Ansari, 25 years old, Emirati, businessman, living in Dubai. My journey into the fitness world started in 2012 when I transformed my lifestyle and proceeded on a path to lose around 70kg!Drastic lifestyle changes such as this are at first hard to implement. However, I gathered inspiration from my twin brother Hamad who was key in motivating me to get off my feet and start living a healthy lifestyle.

The key to any lifestyle change is to set achievable and small goals. When you reach those targets you are able to celebrate your success and remain motivated and committed to your new lifestyle. In the first six months I had lost 15 kg, these type of results became addictive!

Remaining focused and committed to your journey is as difficult as starting it.​ I cannot stress how important it is to have a positive perspective on your journey. As Ralph Marston said “Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.” At the onset of my journey, all self-doubt was discarded! I decided “I CAN DO THIS AND ANYTHING I SET MY MIND TO. I had to constantly remind myself that I was redefining who I was as a person.

When the old Essa would want to come out and return to his lazy ways, I made sure I put him back in his place. I reminded myself – that nothing will get in my way. I am now Essa Al Ansari, fit, healthy, determined and most of all grateful for being on this path!


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