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What makes Capoeira unique?

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that evolved in the 16th century as a result of the African slaves’ attempts to achieve freedom. Capoeira especially embraces philosophy and lifestyle issues, and encompasses historical, socio-political and spiritual factors.
Capoeira is one of the few truly wholesome art forms as it manifests itself as a sport, a martial art and a dance. Rhythm, song, instrumentation and improvisation, along with elegance, respect and humour are all fundamental elements of capoeira.
As an exercise, capoeira is an intense workout too. It engages not just every muscle in the body but also our various senses, thus, making us sharper and more aware. Its core movements are aimed at developing vitality, reflexes and mobility which are all dependent on a consciousness of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, flexibility and stamina.Capoeira is also a very social art as every capoeirista immediately becomes a part of its large global community. Capoeira brings together men, women and children from all walks of life and from almost every country in the world thus building bonds, creating opportunities and broadening our horizons. At capoeira, we have seen so many lives transform for the better and so many people become bolder and more confident and most importantly embrace their own unique personalities. Here, in CDO Dubai we are proud to have students from so many different nationalities and fields as we all come together in mutual respect, beyond social and political boundaries and into the world of capoeira that embraces freedom, harmony, peace and evolution.

About our Center

CDO Capoeira Center is a part of the largest capoeira organization “Cordao De Ouro” which is rooted deep in the heart of the ideals and philosophies of capoeira.
Using innovation and the newest techniques of training, we continuously try to evolve with this fast paced world without losing the true essence of capoeira and its philosophies. Although, capoeira has changed much during the years, the two main capoeira styles areCapoeira Angola and Capoeira Regional which are both taught and trained at our school.

About Instructor Fernando Dias

Fernando Dias is a passionate and determined artist, born and raised in Brazil. With over 20 years of experience in capoeira, he has travelled, trained and performed capoeira in several parts of the world. Fernando eventually moved to Dubai with the sole purpose of developing capoeira in the UAE and he has quickly grown the center into one of the largest capoeira centers in the region. Being such a multicultural and forward thinking city, Dubai has all the necessary tools to become
the epicenter for the development of capoeira and CDO Capoeira Center embraces this diversity to its fullest as it creates a wonderful platform for all its students to come together towards a common goal. Fernando also takes several specialized courses and organizes and participates in various local and international events that help his students of all levels gain great exposure and constantly develop and improve at capoeira.