Adult Circuit Classes and Yoga by 1six8. 1SIX8 is a Boutique Group Training company that offers unique training spaces and the worlds most effective workouts – BURN | PEDAL | PUNCH | BEND. Results-based training methodology to guarantee results. Contract-free packages to ensure no wasted days.

Program and Schedule:

Friday 11am-11.30am BURN
Friday 12pm-12.30pm BURN
Friday 1pm-1.45pm BEND
Friday 2pm-2.30pm BURN
Friday 3pm-3.30pm BURN
Friday 4pm-4.30pm BURN
Saturday 11am-11.30am BURN
Saturday 12pm-12.30pm BURN
Saturday 1pm-1.45pm BEND
Saturday 2pm-2.30pm BURN
Saturday 3pm-3.30pm BURN
Saturday 4pm-4.30pm BURN

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